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3D Printing a Scale Model with AutoCAD

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3D Printing a Scale Model with AutoCAD. I'm GuruPedia author and I'm excited to share my workflow with you. This course is perfect for architects or other professionals who are working in Scale. 3D printing is a great way to extend the work you're already doing in AutoCAD. Make scale models to troubleshoot your ideas, impress clients and solve problems. In this course, we'll start with a 2D AutoCAD drawing of a house, and transform it into a finished 3D printed Scale Model.

Along the way we'll learn about the tools and commands in AutoCAD that relate to the 3D printing process. We'll do some basic solid modeling, focus on ways to customize your model, like adding 3D text and logos. We'll learn about the 3D print command, and I'll share some tips and tricks for creating models that will 3D print reliably. Let's get started.
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We use Google Drive as a place to store files online, because we assume that Google Drive is the only best free Online Cloud Storage. Without having to worry the trouble to download, because we have provided 3 links as the option "Direct Link, the Embed Link and Preview Link".
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